Top five songs on my playlist -August 2018

These are my top songs for august, they are not necessarily new songs but they are basically songs i couldn't stop listening to throughout august. Enjoy! Halleluya -Johnny drille ft simi This song is the first Johnny Drille song i have ever listened to, one of my friends was raving about it on her whatsapp... Continue Reading →


Letter to my younger self

Hey Ifeoma, You are about 15 years old now and all you literally think about is your dream job as a doctor and what people think about you. You are also going to go from a size 8 to a size 16 in the next two years and you will get so depressed about it... Continue Reading →

One Word Challenge

I got tagged by theblackkbeauty and this also happens to be the first time I was actually tagged and didn't do the challenge just because I liked it. So here we go!!! Where is your phone? My hand Your hair? small afro Your dad? Umuahia Your other half? Confusing Your favorite food? Rice Your dreams... Continue Reading →

Makeup hacks for broke girls

Currently listening to Meghan Trainor -Better. Hello people, I'm so sorry for the radio silence on the blog, I wasn't able to upload because life was basically dealing with me but I'm back now!! When I just started making up, I realized that there were so many types of makeup with alarming price tags so... Continue Reading →

Currently – June 2017

Hey people, I'm sorry for being inconsistent here, last month was hell for me, I was swapped with school tests and a lot of personal issues which I'm still resolving and I hope last month went well for you guys. I'm currently at home because my school is on a seven week strike which I... Continue Reading →

Beauty things I totally suck at

Hello people, I'm so sorry for my inconsistency in posting blog posts, I was suffering from a severe case of writer's block. This post is inspired by a post I saw on Ifeoma's website and I must say her blog is one of the reasons why I'm writing again, inspiration everywhere I tell you. So I absolutely love... Continue Reading →

Currently I am..

Trying: to stop drinking frizzy drinks, they are natural enemies of my dream body and so unhealthy. Enjoying: my new age, officially an adult. Thinking: about my future, I have been doing that a lot these days. Wondering: if there are really people like the ones I read about on joro's page. Tired: of school,... Continue Reading →

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